Cycling Inclusive Planning

The term, cycling-inclusive planning was introduced by the Dutch NGO Interface for Cycling Expertise to describe the internationally, unique way in which planning and design for cycling is approached in The Netherlands.

This one concept still captures the core of what we stand for at JB Mobility.


About Us

JB Mobility is a consultant company in sustainable mobility.
We are international experts in cycling policies, design and planning for the bicycle as a means of transport.

Our 20 years of international experience together with a thorough understanding of the concepts, designs and principles that have made the Netherlands the leading cycling country, allows us to provide you with the highest level consultancy for all aspects of cycling-inclusive planning and design.


Latest News

Bogota Bicycle Highway “Quinto Centenario”

Bogotá will receive up to $1 Million in Technical Support for Low-Carbon, Resilient Transportation Infrastructure